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The original brainstorming post.

Under the cut, you'll see the original brainstorming post that started this whole thing. This is just a list of things I'd like to do, not a definitive list of what will actually happen. Ideas are welcome in the comments.

I'm thinking of hosting a mini-convention. Or rather, a fan gathering. I'm thinking it'd be less than 100 people.

For Discworld.

Run like one of our SCA weekends, set up like an Ankh-Morpork faire, with people in costumes and vendors. With games and events and possibly an extra-fee/raffle/auction trek to a luncheon at the Como Zoo with a tour of the Primate Room (like the birthday parties you can pay for, where a zookeeper comes out and talks to you about the animal of your choice for awhile, with a private room for cake/etc). I've already contacted Como about the idea and to see if a 'behind the scenes' tour of the orangutan area could be arranged.

One of the things I'd love to do is arrange to have feature characters in costume and in character all weekend, to add to the ambiance of DW. Like, the limited security being all dressed in City Watch uniform, members of the Times running around gathering news to be printed every morning, etc. I'm sure other people would come in costume as well, and I KNOW I know enough people with pavilions that we could create a reasonably decent Ankh-Morpork city festival type feel. I also know enough musicians (*eyes Liz*) and magicians and other festival types that .. yeah. Really, finding people to show up and do cool stuff to lend to the ambiance? Not gonna be a problem.

I wouldn't be having guests of honor or anything - This is strictly by the freaktastic event-running fan, for the other fans.

My timeline would be May/early June, 2008. I'd be charging a fee strictly to cover things like the portapotties I anticipate having to rent, with any monies above and beyond being donated to the Orangutan Foundation that Terry sponsors.

Some of the events I was thinking of having..

+Black Ribboner's Ball - Masquerade style on Saturday
+Witch For A Day - the art of making your own broom on Friday with making a scramble (and I have the wrong word there - the cat's cradle string thing with beads and stuff) on Saturday
+Which Witch Is Which - costume contest/guessing game, because you know there'll be more than one Granny Weatherwax showing up.
+Lingo of the Wee Free Men - aka How To Swear in Scottish (provided I could con Kevin into it, and I probably could) class
+Highland Games of varying types, like a caber toss, hammer toss, sheaf toss, (No, not ship toss, Steph).
+Thud competitions for a Thud champion played out throughout the two days
+ARRRGHShip Toss - tossing yon toy wooly beasties. Possibly also a coo toss, if I can find toy coos. Must be wearing a kilt to participate. If people sign up without a kilt, one will be provided for them out of the TACKIEST PLAID I CAN FIND
+Thieves Guild training - everyone gets a red ribbon. Whoever collects the most red ribbons by the end of the event wins a certificate of scholarship to the Guild.
+Send A Letter Home - run by the Times, with pre-printed letters you fill in the blanks for, with postage pre-paid (and if I could arrange it, DW stamps).
+? This one depends on whether or not I could bribe Danr to come set up a forge - Assassin's Guild - Make Your Own Knife (beginner) class.
+Semaphore: A Game Of Understanding - based on the kids game 'Telephone', but done DW style. In the morning, a small class on how to use semaphore flags and alphabet to convey messages. Teams of at least four can sign up for the contest - two on semaphore, two to write down what's sent. At noon, the teams are split into two - one semaphore, one writer, and sent across a field. Each team is given a message. They must send it to their teammates, who must translate it, and then /that/ pair must semaphore the message they've translated to another team. There'll be a time limit, with prizes given for speed as well as accuracy.
+Edible Sculptures: get a box of random edible ingredients, use your imagination to create a DW themed sculpture. (blame sskipstress for giving me the idea vis a vis her comment on chocolate pudding River Ankh..)
+Cheese making class.

... so.. yeah.. brain needs to stop with this, except I really like this idea, think it could be viable, and that people would enjoy coming to it.

Things being sold:
+Slumpie and mash
+Distressed pudding
+Toast soldiers and egg
+Hard boiled eggs
+Kidney pie
+Pork pies (and I so need a CMOT Dibbler!!) made with real pork and "vegemetarian" pork pies made with imaginary pork (or beef)
+Ginger Beer
+Shepherd's Pie (reg and vegetarian)
+Oatcakes / griddle cakes
+Tea and biscuits
+Bubble and Squeak
+Virgin Banana Daquiris
+Peanuts (probably an event freebie, around in buckets, since they're cheap.)
+Rat on a Stick (No, not real rat meat. Probably coo.)

Thoughts? Screams of horror? Bribes?

The time is flexible - it's being run around two factors: 1) I have this huge-ass event in July to run, and 2) it has to be when S. is home from college, because if I do it, I totally intend to make her show up and bring her art with her.


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Sep. 25th, 2007 07:30 pm (UTC)
Though I haven't read the books (will fix that soon, I promise) I've heard tell (and double checked) that Morris dancers make an appearance or two ;) in these books. I'm *sure* you could probably get one or two or a bunch or so ;) to participate :)
Sep. 25th, 2007 07:54 pm (UTC)
I hadn't even thought of the Morris Dancers. Oh gods, jingly men in hankies!

.. but how apropos.
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