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The To-Do list

1. Email Waddy and get permission to take a page out of his book. [Edit: Done! He emailed back and said yes, and mentioned there's a German group who did the same thing. YAY!]

2. Email Stephen Briggs and beg for help finding out about licensing and rights. [Edit: Done, and he directed me to Colin Smythe, who wrote back and gave me the guidelines. MORE YAY!]

3. Land - preferably acreage that isn't a commercial campground. [Edit: Found one potential - 40 acres with a 10 acre lake, owned by a man who sounds very interested in the event. Talks continue.]

4. Liability Insurance - Looks like it'll cost around $250 for a one-time special event insurance certificate policy for $1m per incident, $3m aggregate, that covers fire damage, property damage, personal injury, and other sorts of nastiness, carrying a $1,000. deductible. Must check with Farmer's - might be possible to get a policy through them for less, with better coverage.

5. Sanitation - WW, with 25 portas pumped twice a day, runs $3000. That's the max cap, but the reality will probably be significantly less. If there's <100 people, 2 would suffice. Must call vendors.

6. Emergency Services - the land currently proposed is within 5 miles of a very good hospital, with clear access for emergency vehicles. I also know EMTs who could, provided the event doesn't conflict with an SCA event, possibly be bribed into running the first aid stations.

7. Water - depends on how many people are likely to attend. If <100, either bring coolers or have people bring their own.
7a. Showers - if it's more than two days, these will be necessary. Would be nice to have anyway.

8. Licenses and permits - would need a special event/non-conforming use permit for land, shouldn't be a problem. Might need a permit from the department of health for special event food stalls - $100 and fairly easy to obtain - must check into that. Will not be alcohol vendors unless I can find one already zoned for off-sale in that area. Event might be BYO. Check with fire marshal closer to the event to find out about campfire and lighting restrictions.

9. Security - probably just people I know, unless it gets large, in which case there are police officers I know and could probably bribe into pulling some off-duty security.

10. Vendors - would probably put a call out to Dreamhaven, Uncle Hugo's, and The Source, possibly put feelers out to Cunning Artificers and Paul Kidby and other DW-specific merchants. Most of them are in the UK. Maybe try to find resellers here in the US. Check with Dreamhaven.

11. Money handling - for the event, it'd probably be easier to have that at one central point, so possibly have ticket sales, but to make it less odious, have them be raffle tickets that people can fill out and have a drawing at the end of the event for some sort of door prizes.

12. Prizes for games - No clue yet. Insert Cool Stuff Here.

13. Registration? Probably pre-reg if there's interest outside my local group of freaks friends. Mostly to gauge how many portapotties to rent and how much food to have on hand. Wait and see what, if any, interest there is.

More as I think of them.


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