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Discworld™ Weekend 2008

An unofficial, fan-run event

Discworld™Weekend - an unofficial, fan-run event
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Discworld™, by Terry Pratchett
This journal is a community for the planning, preparation, insanity and brainstorming for an event to be held sometime in May/June [edit: Date changed due to life] August 2008. [Possibly Labour Day weekend as a ramp-up to The Official North American Discworld Convention happening in 2009. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL DISCWORLD EVENT! This is very unofficial - and by 'very', I mean that right now it's my idea, funded by me, run by me, and basically a Discworld-themed re-enactment weekend that I'm planning to host and inviting anyone who'd like to come to attend. I got the idea from Wadfest, which is held in the UK, and Waddy has given me permission to take a page from his book. Colin Smythe, Terry Pratchett's agent, has indicated Terry sees no problem with fan-run events like this provided they don't claim to be official, and this is so very unofficial it's almost laughable. I am in further talks with Mr. Smythe to clarify that the use of the characters would be permissible, because if I can arrange it, the event will have people dressed up as the familiar faces from the books.

Because I'm a nerd who does things like this, and I'm good at it. There's a lack of DW-specific conventions in the US, and the ones in the UK conflict with school and other events I'm part of. MiniCon 30 was the closest we've had, and I was so happy to be able to attend! However, THIS IS NOT A CONVENTION! Not by a long shot. This will be a weekend spent camping in a field, with as much of the ambiance of Ankh-Morpork as I can afford and dragoon people into creating. Costumes are not required, but will be strongly encouraged.

And you think you can do this?
My other hobby is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). To give you a reference as to why I think I can run something like this, let me direct you to the other event I co-ran in 2007 and am co-running again in 2008 - Warriors and Warlords. In 2007, we had an attendance of 925 people. Running a small re-enactment weekend with a Discworld theme? Not an issue for me.

Will there be guests of honour?
Yes - every guest that shows up, by which I mean the fans. If you're looking for big name autograph opportunities, may I direct you to Terry's book signing tour for Making Money? I strongly discourage anyone from planning to attend based on who they think they'd get to ogle at. I'm not planning a guest list - frankly, I couldn't afford to offer to pay their way or an appearance fee. Even if I could afford it, I would be more interested in bribing Stephen Briggs to show up as Lord Vetinari than paying Terry to sit and get handcramps.

Did you really write to Waddy and Stephen Briggs and Colin Smythe to ask permission?
Yes. In the modern world, I'm a legal secretary working with contract law and intellectual property rights. As such, I like to make every attempt to make sure I don't inadvertently squash any. Plus, it's just not on to copy someone else's good idea as if it's your own. I LOVE Waddy's idea and I desperately wish I could go to Wadfest, but since I can't, I'm going to have a DW gathering here in the States.

More info as events warrant.

Discworld™ is a trademark of Terry Pratchett. Use of the name does not imply ownership, and all rights remain reserved by Terry Pratchett, his publisher, Colin Smythe Limited, and agent, Colin Smythe.

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